Choose your access:


1. Scoping licence –access hundreds of how-to articles, tips, community comments and case studies to find out how to make a success of making your business social

2. Program licence –access all the content, download the tools and templates, collaborate with your colleagues and ask our experts on making a success of making your business social

3. Accelerator licence –bring in simplysucceed consultants to support you and GUARANTEE your success in creating a profitable, collaborative network.

Project Leader
Scoping Licence

Self-service roadmap for your project and criteria for on-boarding your project team.

• Gives you the process to help you scope the journey ahead

• Helps you identify and build your team

• Preview of over 150 case studies, 80 ‘how-to’ articles, 40 tools and templates and 30 industry reports and guides for proving the business case, planning launch and driving adoption

£390 per year

Excludes VAT in the UK

Project Team
Program Licence

Your and your project team’s online access to expert responses to your specific questions.

• Half-day on-premises work shop with your team to clarify the journey

• Reactive advice from our experts through online help

• Download all tools and templates and adapt for your business needs

• Your team’s immersion in a collaborative methodology in your private company group

£3,900 per year

[For up to five members]




Proactive advice, both online and face-to-face, from experts briefed on your project.

• On-premises day workshop with your team to get them started on their journey

• Recommended 30 days of support from an expert consultant at the points where you need expert help or some heavy-lifting (minimum 5 days)

• Download all tools and templates for your business needs and upload your versions for expert comment

• Immersion in a collaborative methodology in your private company group with invited experts

£11,400 per year

[For up to five members and a minimum five days consultancy]


Our guarantee


If you work with simplysucceed consultants to make your business a social business, we GUARANTEE your success.


How can we do that? Simple – just follow the five steps to success.


1. Engage our consultants to help you on your social journey.


2. Agree your value objectives, relevant metrics, targets and timeframe with us.


3. Follow the simplysucceed program, and any recommendations we make.


4. At the agreed time, review the metrics with us.


5. If your metrics don’t meet the target, then we’ll work with you – FOR FREE – to produce a plan for future success, and support your progress towards fulfilling it.


Contact us for the full details of this unique promise.