Kick-start your project

You can’t run a social network by yourself. You’ll need allies in the exec team, in the IT department and probably elsewhere. The time has to be right, and in some businesses it somehow never will be.


Use these free tools to assess your readiness to embark on the project, and to help you with those crucial initial soundings with the key stakeholders.

Kick-starter questionnaires

The self-assessment questionnaires are designed to help you collate what you know already and what you don’t know. The rough scoring system gives you a guide to how prepared you are compared with other organisations.

  • Download
    Self-assessment – is your business ready for a social project?
  • Download
    Self-assessment – can you prove the case for investment?
  • Download
    Self-assessment – can you improve adoption and show the value of your network?

Conversation kick-starters

The conversation kick-starters are specific to your intended audience – staff, customers or professional members. They are designed to help you engage with other interested parties in your organisation and start the process of on-boarding them to further your project.

  • Download
    Conversation kick-starter – for stakeholders in an internal network project
  • Download
    Conversation kick-starter – for stakeholders in a customer community project
  • Download
    Conversation kick-starter – for stakeholders in a membership association engagement project

What next?

When you’re ready to take things further, review the options, or contact us for a free on-site workshop to help you explore the case for investment with key stakeholders in your business.